Kubernetes Security — 10 Things You Should Be Doing

[On-Demand] Kubernetes Security — 10 Things You Should Be Doing

Kubernetes has empowered organizations to build, deploy, and scale applications faster and more efficiently. However, if you are not actively addressing the security challenges in your Kubernetes environments, you are putting your business critical applications at risk. Whether you’re using a cloud provider’s managed Kubernetes service (EKS, AKS, GKE), a Kubernetes distribution (Red Hat OpenShift), or self-managing your clusters, you must protect your containerized applications throughout the application life cycle.

Join StackRox’s Karen Bruner, technical evangelist, and CCSI’s Joe Goldberg, sr. cloud and infrastructure practice manager, for this on-demand session to learn about best practices you should implement as part of your Kubernetes security initiative.

Topics include:

  • building secure images
  • designing secure Kubernetes clusters
  • implementing secure network segmentation
  • protecting containerized workloads at runtime

Download the slides. 

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